Chivan Sieberichs


Length of time fishkeeping

Since the age of 15, so roughly 17 years.

Types of fish kept

Tropical community fish varying from Platies, Mollies, Angelfish, etc. Then for the last 12 years Marine. From fish only with live rock tanks to full reef setups.

Professional qualifications/experience

Before joining Maidenhead Aquatics I worked for Tropical Marine Centre (TMC), which is the largest wholesalers of marine livestock within Europe.

Specialist knowledge

  • Marine livestock
  • Aquarium installation.
  • Filtration and plumbing
  • Fish disease recognition

Best fishkeeping success

Successful keeping of a full reef aquarium.

Best fishkeeping tip

Research before purchasing any livestock. Knowledge is key to keeping any type of livestock. If you are not sure, don’t buy!

If money/time were no object, what species you’d most like to keep

The largest reef tank I could possibly fit in my house, with complete fish room and breeding facility