Service Area

We currently offer our Fishkeeper Plus service in two core locations within the UK - Midlands and South East.


Located in Shirley, Solihull, Fishkeeper Plus Midlands covers the areas of West Midlands, Warwickshire and Leicestershire (we are able to cater for jobs further afield, but the price will be reflected within the quotation.

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South East

Our Fishkeeper Plus South East was established in 2014 and is based in Egham and covers Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire (we are able to cater for jobs further afield, but the price will be reflected within the quotation).

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Length of time fishkeeping:

14 years, I found an old aquarium in the shed and decided to set it up for some Goldfish.

Types of fish kept:

I currently have a large Fancy Goldfish set-up housing Tri-colour Oranda and ‘Grade A’ Black & White Oranda. I also have a pico reef, dedicated to Acanthastrea + Discosoma

Professional qualifications/ experience:

I have been in the industry since 2010 in that time I have gained experience in ordering freshwater + marine fish, dealing with a variety of equipment and rectifying issues with fish health/ water chemistry.

Specialist Knowledge:

  • Tropical freshwater
  • Goldfish
  • Planted tanks
  • Biotopes
  • Fish health/ Water chemistry

Best fishkeeping success:

Breeding various cichlids, such as Gymogeophagus balzanii, Discus, Geophagus tapajos ‘Red head’, Vieja synspila, Severums and Nannacara anomala.

Best fishkeeping tip:

Keep everything you need and don’t get caught short. A net, spare heater, test strips, medications and tap water conditioner are essential bits of kit that you should never be without.

If money/ time was no object, which species would you most like to keep?

Either Retroculus xinguensis or Cichla temensis. I’ll get round to keeping both some day!