What is Fishkeeper Plus?

Established in 2014 to provide a unique service to all our customers, Fishkeeper Plus is the installation, maintenance and servicing division of Maidenhead Aquatics covering the areas of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. As the UK’s largest and leading aquatic retailer, with over 30 years of trading experience behind us, we believe it is vital that we support our customers with a professional installation and on-going care division which offers many services across both the domestic and commercial arena. So, why use Fishkeeper Plus?

We can help if you:

  • are moving house and need your aquarium moving, or your pond fish safely transported from one pond to another.
  • are looking to buy an aquarium for your home and need an installation and/or maintenance service.
  • need an aquarium to showcase your workplace and need a reliable, professional installation and maintenance company.
  • have an existing aquarium or pond that needs regular maintenance and you’re struggling to find the time.
  • have an existing aquarium or pond that needs re-aquascaping or restocking.
  • are having problems maintaining your aquarium or pond and need someone to troubleshoot the issues.
  • can’t find that unique aquarium that you have always wanted.
  • need aquarium or pond care whilst you are away?


Our services are available Monday to Friday from 9am – 6pm.

Please call us on 07872 149585.

Find out more of what we can do for your aquarium

Find out more of what we can do for your pond

Getting Fishkeeper Plus

We’re currently operating the Fishkeeper Plus service out of 10 of our stores in the South. We cover roughly a 10 mile radius around each store.

We do sometimes work outside of this area so if you are interested in our services please give us a call.