Tal Williams


Length of time fishkeeping

35 years (since 1982)

Types of fish kept

All sorts: started with a Tropical community aquarium, Discus, Japanese Koi, Marine (fish only), Reef aquarium, Rare breed goldfish

Professional qualifications/experience

Studied Marine and Freshwater Biology at Aberystwyth University, studied Fish Health at Sparsholt college, OATA Advanced Diploma in Water Quality and Filtration, as well as in Fish Biology and Fish Health.

Specialist knowledge

  • Plant tanks
  • Aquarium design
  • Disease diagnosis and treatment

Best fishkeeping success

Breeding and successfully rearing marine species: Clownfish, Orchid Dottybacks and Peppermint shrimp

Best fishkeeping tip

Feed a varied diet of quality food and water change regularly

If money/time were no object, what species you’d most like to keep

Would love to set up a breeding tank for Leafy Sea Dragons